The sewing machines have an endless number of models and with several essential parts in each of them. Although they are basic, as we say, it would not be nothing of all of them without the accessories. Because to be able to make our work, we need a good fabric, the threads that it will carry and the needles that will give the stitches. Everything you need to put your machine and your imagination to work, we will show you here.


Sewing machine needles

The sewing machine needles are very varied. But in this case, it is advisable to always buy the ones with the highest quality. Mostly because they will be resistant and will help us to draw more perfect stitches.

Types of needles:

  • Simple needles: simple and single stitch.
  • Double needlesAs their name indicates, they are two stitches. Intended for decorative work.
  • Triple needlesThree-stitch stitch, although they are a bit more difficult to find.

Needle tip:

  • Round and sharpIt is a very fine point and will give straight stitches. This will reduce puckering at the seams.
  • Normal roundIt is indicated for normal and not too thick fabrics.
  • Small ball: Thin and light weight fabric is the one that will have a needle of this type.
  • Medium ballA slightly thicker fabric will need a needle like this one.
  • Big ballBut much thicker fabrics, as well as elastic fabrics, require the large ball point needle.

Needle enumeration

The hands have two numbers that indicate the thickness of the needle. The larger of the numbers corresponds to the so-called European average. While the smaller number corresponds to the American average.

The European needle goes from number 65 to 120 while the American needle goes from number 8 to 20. To choose the needle, we have to think about the thickness of the fabric. For example, a 60/8 needle will be the finest needle. So it is suitable for equally delicate fabrics such as silk. If you have a cotton fabric, you can choose a 70/10 needle. While for denim fabrics, you can consider a 110/18 needle.

Now that you know how to choose needles for sewing machines, we leave you with a couple of very interesting packs:

Threads for sewing machines

Coloured threads for sewing machine

Thanks to the sewing threads, we can have the stitches on the fabric. That's why we should always choose the best ones to get the most amazing results such as those in this assortment of yarns that we recommend.

Thread classification

They can be natural or synthetic. The first of these most commonly used is cotton. The ones made of synthetic fibers are also quite resistant. They will not be affected by moisture or chemicals, so they are also indispensable.

Thread types

If we use a good quality thread, we will notice that it is stronger to the tension, in the same way, it will not have so many faults and the fabric will be smoother. The ones we are used to see are the following.

  • Gütermann coil 250: very good quality polyester
  • Gütermann Mini-cone 1000It is a little more delicate and thinner than the previous one, but also perfect for machine sewing.
  • Sulky CoilThis is a cotton thread, also for machine. It is a bit more expensive, so it is used as a decorative thread.
  • Elastic threadIt is perfect for seams and is placed on the bobbin.
  • Torzal threadIt is a thicker thread and will be perfect for the seams of denim garments.


  Books to learn how to sew

For beginners as well as for those who want to let their imagination run wild, books are always their best allies.

The best THE GREAT BOOK OF THE... THE GREAT BOOK OF THE... No ratings yet 42,75 €
Quality Price El tiempo entre costuras... El tiempo entre costuras... 2.576 Opiniones 9,45 €
Our favourite PATTERN MAKING THE BASICS... PATTERN MAKING THE BASICS... 212 Opinions 33,25 €
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2.576 Opiniones
212 Opinions
198 Opinions
117 Reviews
No ratings yet
42,75 €
9,45 €
33,25 €
20,80 €
16,10 €
11,39 €

Me and my sewing machine

One of the best selling books is this one. It is a perfect explanation for all those who have bought their first sewing machine. The techniques and projects are the basis of an issue like this that will delight all those who have it in their hands.

Complete sewing manual

To discover the basic sewing techniquesNothing like a well explained book, with its step by step. Precise explanations where each chapter is perfectly illustrated.

Machine sewing

In case you're still not sure, there's nothing like a illustrated guide. Thanks to it, you will master the basic functions of the machine, sooner than you think.

Pattern making. The bases

If you like the fashion and you're already thinking about all the clothes you can make yourself, don't miss a book like this one.


41 sewing projects, with great designs and numerous tips will be all you'll find in a book like this.

Sewing pack

Sewing pack

In order to have all the necessary accessories, nothing like a sewing kit. This way, we will have everything we need in one step. Besides, it will be perfect to take with you when you go on a trip, because you never know what you will need. They usually have several spools of thread in various colors. You can't miss the zippers, needles, scissors or measuring tapes.

If you need a sewing pack, take a look at either of these two:


Fine fabrics

The finer, more delicate and softer fabricsare one of the main seams when sewing on a sewing machine. You will need flat seams, as they are the least visible. Also, remember that you will use fine needles and standard needles. When sewing, you have to pull this fabric smoothly, both from the front and the back. This will prevent this type of fabric from puckering.

Thick fabrics

In this case, it is best to opt for sewing machines that are intended for this type of fabrics. Among them are both the denim fabrics as well as corduroy, plush or canvas. In addition to the machine with more power, it is also necessary a thicker thread and of course, a needle according to this type of fabrics. It is always advisable to wash and iron them before sewing.

Other essential accessories

To finish with the list of accessories for sewing machines, we leave you with other essential products:



Presser foot

No products found.

Knife cutter for fabrics

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