Black Friday sewing machines

One more year, one of the most awaited dates arrives. Both discounts and offers will be the order of the day and therefore it is a good time to get a basic product. If you are thinking about getting some sewing machinesBlack Friday will be the best time to do it.

A tradition that comes from the United States but that is already very well integrated in our country. The best way to anticipate the Christmas shopping Why not? Don't miss out on everything you need to make the most of this special day.

Sewing Machines on Black Friday 2021

If you also want to buy a sewing machine on Black Friday, these are the best deals to get a cheaper one during the month of Black Friday:

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Which sewing machines can you buy cheapest on Black Friday?


It is one of the Spanish companies, already known worldwide. It was born in 1920, so we are talking about a product and a company of all life. In it, we will find the best sewing options and of course, their sewing machines. Among them, both mechanical and electronic, overlock or embroidery machines. Therefore, some of them start at 200 euros up to 700.


In this case, we still have to go further back in time, as it was founded in the year 1851. It is an American company, famous all over the world. One of its simplest models, mechanical and with 23 stitches, is around 100 euros. While the electronic one with about 80 programs would cost 200 euros. Prices that will be reduced thanks to Black Friday. It must be said that in previous years the Singer Simple became an option with great discounts.


In some of the flash offers that Amazon will put before the big day of Black Friday, you can save more than 30 euros on sewing machines like Brother. Electronics with numerous stitches and more than 30 sewing functions, for prices that do not reach 200 euros. Of course it depends on the model.


For many years it has been somewhat at the back of Alfa in Spain. But it is true that if we talk about great brands throughout its history of more than 100 years, it could not miss as another of the perfect options. One of their mechanical machines with 22 stitches and automatic threader costs around 190 euros. While an electronic one with more than 100 stitches will reach 400 euros. Therefore, we must see what Amazon offers us in terms of discount and take the one that best compensates us.

When is Black Friday 2021

Black Friday 2021 will be on November 26th. That is, the penultimate day of the month and it is said that each consumer can get to spend more than 200 euros on average. Because it is an advance to Christmas shopping, as we have said. A perfect time to save some money on those gifts that we already have in mind. So it is not superfluous to go writing a list and not catch us unawares. Since November 25 will be the so-called Pre-Black Friday, where we will already find some good discounts.

How Black Friday works on Amazon

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Although this day was driven by the more traditional shops, it is true that the success of online sales is unprecedented. Therefore, we like to turn to those places where we know we will find absolutely all kinds of products. Amazon is one of those addresses that we always keep in mind but, How does Amazon Black Friday work?

  • Amazon usually launches two types of offers. On the one hand, there are the permanent ones that will last all day long or while stocks last. But on the other hand, there are the flash offers. As the name suggests, they are sold out in a short time, as they are great bargains.
  • On this basis, it is best to make a list of the products you really want or you need. You have to look for that product, add it to the basket and do not wait too long, as the time is usually 15 minutes to give the Ok to the purchase.
  • But to avoid any kind of stress, it is best that before all this, you look for the product and note the time at which they go on sale or the time for the countdown.
  • It will be a day before, as a rule, when Amazon announces these flash deals. So we must be attentive. It will always be better to make the purchase at night, because the next morning there will be more people waiting for it.
  • The Premium customers can access the offers some time before the rest. This makes shopping faster and there are no waiting lines.
  • If it has taken you a while and you haven't had time to select the product you wanted, you always have the option of sign up for the waiting list. Because if a buyer backs out, then the product could become available to you again. Of course, again you have to keep an eye out, because if they let you buy, you'll only have a couple of minutes. If not, it will go to the next person on the list.

Anyway, the same week the Black Friday usually come out various offers, so there we can already see great discounts without waiting until the last minute.

Black Friday on Sewing Machines

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Sewing machines are another product that also have great discounts. Because, depending on our needs, we may need a very complete machine, with many integrated options and that will make the price go up. On Amazon we can find brands such as Singer for prices around 100 euros. Other embroidery machines can reach 200 euros, taking into account its features as well as the Black Friday discounts.

Sometimes, we can find an initial discount of between 10% or 15%. Depending on the model we buy and the Black Friday discount on sewing machines, the savings can go from 20 euros to more than 100 euros. Since other times the discount will be 21%which makes us forget about the VAT. When we are faced with a really low price for a good product, then perhaps the difference is not in a new discount, but we can give accessories and even covers for our sewing machine.

If we don't see a big discount, we should check that we may not be charged for transport or shipping costs. The options are very varied, but they are always aimed at saving us a few euros! That's why we should take a look at the previous days, look at their qualities and think about our needs. So that on that day, we go for our bargain without hesitation.

Why is it called Black Friday?

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Black Friday happens all the time one day after Thanksgivingin the United States. For this reason, its name originated in Philadelphia, when they saw that after this important day cars and people filled the streets of the city. It was in the 60s when the police could not cope to restore traffic and there began to be known as Black Friday.

True, it is also said that it was the shops who put this name. Since they went from high sales for Thanksgiving to the opposite after it. So from there he thought of a series of discounts to change these sales of the usual shops. But with the passage of time online shopping and the arrival of this tradition to more places around the world boosted trade and the idea of bringing forward Christmas gifts.

When is it better, Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

During the two days, we will have great discounts. The Cyber Monday is the day after Black Friday, which makes it a final day, with new discounts to finish stocks. It must be said that the latter is usually for online shopping and not so much in more traditional shops. Similarly, Cyber Monday is intended for purchases for appliances, as well as travel or technology. But this does not indicate that we can not find deals on other products. So when we go to fixed shot, it is better to make the purchase during Black Friday, because we can run out of stock. While if we have doubts and want to wait, rest assured that on Monday there will be a better offer on selected products.

Tips for buying a sewing machine on Black Friday

  • Make a list of the features you needIt is always essential to be clear about what kind of sewing machine we need. To do this we will think about whether we are learning or we are already more professional or the use we will give.
  • Compare prices and discountsAlthough it is true that sometimes we think directly only in a brand, we should not get carried away at the first change. We are clear about what features we need the machine to meet, but we will find them in the various models and brands. Make a comparison of prices and discounts.
  • Mechanics or electronics?The first one works with a lever that allows you to choose the stitch as well as its length or width. While the second one has buttons that make everything much simpler. The second one is more practical, but some people prefer the result of the first one, as it is more precise.
  • Don't forget to look at the shipping costsBecause if we are in front of a good discount but then we have to pay more for shipping, we will not get a very successful purchase.

In short, if you want to buy a sewing machine on Black Friday, do not think too much and take advantage of the offers that are available.

Where to Buy a Cheaper Sewing Machine on Black Friday

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Need a sewing machine? Then you'll also need to take advantage of the great discounts coming your way. If you're a bit lost, we'll point you in the right direction. buy a sewing machine cheaper on Black Friday.

Because the Black Friday is one of the most anticipated of the year. In it many items have more than impressive offers that we should not let escape. Sewing machines are one of those products that we can get for much less, do you know where?


No doubt when we think of buying any item always comes to mind Amazon. Because as you well know it is the giant par excellence of the online shopping. Hence we can find an endless number of brands and as such, options that will suit our tastes to perfection. As for the sewing machines, they could not be less. In their catalogue you will discover how their big names will be present, in several models, from where you can start from the best valued options or the best sellers, to get an idea.


The Carrefour hypermarket also has numerous items for our home. Among all of them sewing machines are also protagonists. We can not forget that it is also another place where we can get a really cheap machine.

This is because in addition to all the basic brands of the same, we will also find their best accessories. So we will always have a complete pack, if that is what we need. Its very competitive prices make Carrefour another of the great leaders to take into account.


Alfa is one of the brands that we will find in Mediamarkt but it is not the only one because Singer and Solac among others, also accompany it in one of the catalogs where accessories are also present. It is true that perhaps it is not as wide as other stores mentioned, but they do have suitable options and also with good discounts. The best thing is that you can opt for sewing machines for beginners and with numerous options to be able to learn. Both with electronic pedal and with two speeds. Which one is yours?


If you don't want to get too complicated, then Hipercor also has a catalogue of sewing machines that concentrates on very basic options. That is to say, it starts from machines with 8, 10 or 12 stitches to go on to a overlocker. So the options are clear and the offers will also surprise you. As we well know. Hipercor belongs to El Corte Inglés, where the quality of the products has always been able to win over customers and this Black Friday was not going to be different.


At Worten we already talk about big words when it comes to buying a sewing machine. Because here again we return to the combination of basic models with others that are not so basic. The Portuguese chain has been able to grow according to the market and in this case, it is allied with all types of customers.

So we can find really economical options that start from 10 or 12 stitches to more than 30 stitches and up to 290 stitches with a multitude of options in each of them. What does this tell us? That the catalogue includes from the most basic machines for beginners to other exclusive ones to be able to get the best stitches. very professional result.

El Corte Inglés

It began as a small shop in Madrid and has become a benchmark of trade, which includes other brands and stores a little smaller. Therefore, in El Corte Inglés we will always find the most diverse options.

So much so that it is another place to buy a sewing machine cheaper on Black Friday. The different brands of yesterday and today will meet here. From electronic sewing machines to overlockers.

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