Antique sewing machines

Antique sewing machines

Sewing machines first appeared in 1755. Of course, at that time, sewing machines antique sewing machines as we know them today, did not have much to do with the ones we already have at home. Although perhaps there is still some of them in some corner of the attic. It was common for our grandmothers to have them or still have them.

A few years after its invention appears the sewing machine a little more elaborate and thanks to the Englishman, Thomas Sanint. Although some time later and with more inventors in between, the so-called antique sewing machines took shape. One of the first patented machines was made of wood and had a reed needle.

Where to buy antique sewing machines

sewing machine comparator

If you have the itch to get one, this is your moment. Undoubtedly, the old sewing machines were highly durable. In the same way, even though there was nothing automatic about them, they have always been faithful and perfect when it comes to finish any kind of work. Buy antique sewing machinesIt doesn't have to be complicated. Nowadays we have the internet for all those cases.

On the one hand, we have the Amazon page and on the other Ebay. In both places you will find both the most popular models of sewing machines, as well as some of the accessories that you thought were lost. Yes, they have all of them at really quite good prices. Although, it is not superfluous to make certain checks as to who the seller is so as not to have any kind of scare.

Sell old sewing machine

Of course, on the other hand, you can go to collectors or antique shops. There you will also find these beautiful souvenirs. Likewise, the official shops always have some to their credit. Although it is always better to ask beforehand because they are sure to have them in safekeeping.

Where to sell old sewing machines 

If the Internet is there to search and buy objects, it will also be willing to sell them. So it is, you can sell old sewing machines on various portals. As simple as placing an ad in one of them. Of course, first of all you must investigate a little about the characteristics of your sewing machine. More than anything because you will undoubtedly wonder about them. If you do not keep the instruction books, it is not superfluous to try to find the main features of it.

Besides, you have to know that you will be in front of a relic. So you should always treat it as such. Take some photos with good lighting and from all angles, so that you can appreciate its beauty. If the internet doesn't give you much confidence, you can always go to an antique shop. There you can will assess and tell you an approximate price of what it might be worth.. If you are not convinced, then ask for a second opinion.

Singer antique sewing machines

Old Singer machine

To put into operation one of the old Singer sewing machinesWe needed his big pedal. Both the machine and the pedal were part of a large piece of furniture. For this, one had to sit on a rather high chair, so that one's feet rested on the pedal. The right foot was placed on the right corner of the pedal. So that the heel could step on it well. While the left foot covered the high and also left area of the pedal. A more combined form to be able to move it to our whim.

When the pedal was a simple thing, you had to put the rope on the wheel. The trick was that while stepping on the pedal, we also gave a slight movement to the flywheel and towards us. This way, the Singer sewing machine would start working. It is said that these machines are one of the first in history. If you have one at home and you want to know what year it is, all you need is find out the serial number. This used to be engraved on the base, near the wheel.

If you want to know the prices of old Singer sewing machinesyou will find a little bit of everything. It will always be a question of its state of conservation and whether it works or not. You can buy them for prices ranging from 130 euros. It can go up if it has the base and all this, in perfect condition, reaching figures that reach 500 euros. Some models like the Singer 66 K had golden finishes on the black background. Although the Singer 99 K, was already of electric type but also had these finishes. Something that if they are still well preserved will be a relic.

Alfa antique sewing machines

Alfa antique sewing machine

Like the Singer, the Alfa antique sewing machines also had the famous pedal. So its operation was very similar. In addition, various models were gradually introduced. So much so that their functions also varied over the years. Something more than great for all those sewing jobs that were done at home and that allowed a perfect finish but for less money.

Although they entered the market later than the Singer, they soon made their mark in sales. They were robust and firm machines. It should be noted that their instructions had very simple steps to follow. Something that was similar in the other brands. The old Alfa sewing machines, we were listing what we had to do and even the needle type we had to use. Mostly because it was always going to depend on what kind of fabric we used.

Even so, it was very easy to find spare parts for them. But there was nothing to worry about, because the instruction manual also made it clear what to do in each case. The machine Alpha Royale was seen in the 60's and had a very vintage blue colour scheme. The Alfa 482 was a colour combination with a white finish, something for all tastes! As for their prices, nowadays, they are very similar to the classic Singer machines.

Sigma antique sewing machines

Sigma antique sewing machine

The Sigma antique sewing machines have been another of the great successes of all time. It was a Spanish brand and of course, nothing to envy to the previous ones, because even in its shape and finishes was very similar. It was of straight stitch, but in this way it also allowed us to show off some very successful finishes. As a general rule, some of the models had a zig-zag bobbin case, although they did not include this type of stitch.

The materials were very good and just as robust as the previous examples. Even so, they were always it was advisable to grease them from time to time. This way, we knew it would work even better and without little ups and downs.

Brands of old sewing machines

Antique sewing machine

Without a doubt, there are always some brands that are more familiar to us than others. Perhaps because the old sewing machines have evolved and with them, also each of the firms that support them. Others have fallen by the wayside, due to various problems. Even so, I'm sure you still remember the great majority of them.

  • SingerAs we have already mentioned, it is one of the pioneers in sewing machines. The first one was released in 1912.
  • AlphaIt was created in 1920 and is also Spanish. Little by little it has been introducing novelties and continues to be one of the great and recognized names.
  • Juki: The Juki's main office is in Tokyo. In 1947 it began to be part of the most famous and homemade sewing machines. Of course, later it also took the step to the industrial ones.
  • PfaffPfaff: If we talk about one of the great European firms, we have to talk about Pfaff. It started its activity in the world of sewing machines in 1862. They came from Germany. The first one was handmade and was intended for sewing the leather of the shoes..
  • ElnaThe company's headquarters are in Geneva, but more than 60 countries can already benefit from its products. The Elna sewing machines have existed since 1940. The first one was more compact and electric. In addition, its green color, broke a little the mold to which it was accustomed.
  • BrotherAnother one you will no doubt be familiar with is Brother. The Japanese company still today has numerous sewing machines adapted to their time. It was founded in 1908 and in the 50's it would begin its great expansion. Do you know the current models of Brother sewing machines?
  • BerninaThe company was founded in 1893 in Switzerland. The Bernina sewing machine was the first one for the home and appeared back in 1932.

Feet of old sewing machines

Foot of an antique sewing machine

The feet of old sewing machines were the basis of it. They consisted of a fairly wide pedal that could accommodate both feet. In this way, the handling of the machine would be somewhat easier. In addition, being made of iron and covered with wood, we know that we are dealing with two of the great materials.

Sometimes, not even the passage of time can cause them to break down. That's why many people sell this part of the machine. Although it may seem pointless at first, it is one of the most valued parts. Why? Because you can give it a new meaning. You can recycle it and make it into a new table or a hallway.. There are many ideas that can come out and most of the time, without a lot of work behind them. Only with a sanding or a varnish and paint, you can get it right. We will always have the memory and the vintage touch, that we like so much.

Images of old sewing machines

Enjoy a nod to the past, with a very vintage setting that houses great collector's items like these that we show you.

Sewing machine Alfa without pedal

Antique sewing machine

Pedal sewing machine

Sewing machine PFAFF

Singer vintage machine

Singer Machine

If you've come this far, it's because you're still not quite sure.

How much do you want to spend on your new sewing machine?


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18 thoughts on “Máquinas de coser antiguas”

  1. Hello ...... I have an old treadle sewing machine. It belonged to my mother and is in a somewhat deteriorated state of conservation. The thing is that I'm looking everywhere like crazy to find out the brand of the machine.
    I can't see any logo that looks like what I "sense" mine must be. I say this because there is practically no drawing on the machine, and the iron table has no anagram.
    The logo looks like something similar to the logo of "antena 3 tv", yes, like three red segments, just like the logo of the channel, and in the middle a sewing machine.
    If anyone knows something similar, I'll send you the picture in case you can help me.
    thank you

  2. Hello, I have an old treadle sewing machine model 153 CF Privilege brand I have tested and works, I would like to know what would be its price to sell it. I have searched the Internet and that model does not appear anywhere, thanks.

  3. Hello I have an old machine and it is an alpha .
    The logo is an A with a sewing machine inside. I don't know if it helps you

  4. Hello have come into my hands two Alfa sewing machines I think the 50's, I do not know the models someone could inform me where I can do me with a catalog to know the models and put the stickers thank you a greeting.

  5. Hello
    Do you know if the measurements of the base of the sewing machines are standard or each manufacturer had its own measurements?
    I would like to know this information because of the issue of mounting on old wooden furniture and carriages.

  6. Hello, I have a sewing machine of my great-grandmother of the brand Singer, made in 1888, with manufacturing number 8286996. It is like new in very good condition, works perfectly, has the new cabinet and its cover. Could someone tell me approximately its price? Thank you very much.

  7. Hello I have an old sewing machine and is electric current and has a pedal and a motor the brand is has a WEALTHY logo and a phrase that says THE MEALTHY MANUFACTURING Ca. or Co. can suggest where I see how it works? Any video or someone who knows how to make it work and if there are spare parts or a place to repair it?

    • Hi Miriam,

      To find out the year of manufacture search for your model on Google and you will surely find references to its date of manufacture. As for the price it is impossible to know because you would have to analyze the market and compare. It may be worth absolutely nothing or it may cost hundreds of euros. Take a look at second hand portals like Wallapop and get an idea.


  8. Hello I have a mini sewing machine to Batteries in the logo puts ubs or vbs I have not clear it is like a triangle I would like you to help me find out what brand is because as much as I look I can not find anything.
    Thank you.

  9. Good morning, does anyone have any pictures of a WHITE USA sewing machine with six drawers? I have the base and the drawers, I want to know the original color tones.

    • Hello Álvaro,

      Have you tried using google image search to find the original shades of that vintage sewing machine you have?




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