Overlock or overlocker

Inside the so-called overlock sewing machine we also have several options. The vast majority of brands that we all know, have models of overlocker. So, we will have no problem when it comes to get one of them. But which one do I choose? An eternal dilemma to which we will find a solution today.

The best overlock sewing machines

We start with a comparative table in which you can see at a glance the main features of each overlocker:

Singer 14SH654 -...
  • It has 1300 ppm and can easily work with all types of fabrics.
  • Upper movable blade suitable for decorative finishes without cutting the edge
  • Thread tension, stitch length and differential feed are adjustable.
  • The free arm allows you to work with small closed seams such as sleeves or trousers.
With discount
Alpha Professional 8707
  • Possibility to sew with 3 or 4 threads
  • Step-by-step threading instructions in English
  • Descriptive dials in English
  • 0.7-2mm differential carriage adjustment
  • Adjusting the presser foot pressure
Singer S0105 Overlocker
3 Reviews
Singer S0105 Overlocker
  • Differential overlocking machine
  • For the first time on the market: LED light in the anchor area
  • threading with 2, 3 and 4 wires
  • 1300 stitches per minute
  • Free arm
  • More rigid housing
  • Reinforced mechanism
  • 2, 3 and 4 wires
  • Differential
  • Free arm
With discount
Manual for...
165 Opiniones
Manual for...
  • Julia Hincks...

sewing machine comparator

Overlock Alpha Professional 8707

One of the best sellers is the Alfa Professional overlock. You can find it on Amazon for about 235 euros. It is a machine that can work with three and four wires, not less. The cutting width can be varied much more than other machines of this type. We are talking about 2.3 to 7 millimeters.

Has twin needle functionYou will be able to choose between different types of seams, as well as to be able to work with different fabrics. You have a total of 5 different types of sewing width, ranging from 1.5 to 6.7 millimetres. While the length is between 1 and 4 millimeters. The sewing speed is 1500 rpm. It has standard Toyota needles.

Brother Overlock 1034D

Overhila, cut and sew with 3 or 4 threads. The overcasting can be done without having to change either the presser foot or the needle plate. In addition, it is a machine that works with all types of fabrics. From fine fabrics to elastic fabrics will be perfect for it. We can't forget its practical colour code.

Overlock Singer

The Singer overlock machine is around 260 euros. The vast majority of the opinions about this machine coincide in that has a very professional finish. At the same time, you will have numerous options to showcase your best work.

It has four threads and overcasting is one of its main functions. Its speed is 1300 stitches per minute. The Singer 14SH754 overlock, also has a separator for when you want to work only with two threads. In addition, we do not forget its easy threading guide. It has movable and fixed blades that cut as you sew. Of course you can also choose the stitch length.

Lidl overlock machine

Lidl silvercrest overlock machine

Yes, the Lidl overlock machine also exists. Of course, as with the classic sewing machine, it is not always available in this supermarket. You have to know that this is a good investment. As we know the overlocker does not replace the sewing machine that we all know.

So, before investing large amounts of money, we have the Lidl overlock machine. We can find it with a price usually around 120 eurosapproximately, so it will become a perfect complement to the Lidl sewing machine.

Jata OL 900

The Jata OL 900 machine has about 1200 stitches per minute. The stitch length is between 2 and 4 millimetres. On the other hand, the stitch width is between 3 and 6.7 millimeters. You can count on a very interesting machine for a little more than 300 euros.

What is an Overlock machine?

Brother 1034D

For those of you who are familiar, but have not yet become acquainted with the so-called Overlock machinesWe are going to explain it to you in a very simple way. This type of machines are named after the type of sewing they do. In this case it is the so-called overlock. That is none other than a job that is usually done on the edges of the fabric. So much can be in one piece as in two.

Of course, if we have two of them, what the machine will do will be to join both pieces thanks to the definition of the same edge.. They are also known as overlocking machine.

How do Overlock machines differ from conventional machines?

Jata OL 900 overlock machine

The main difference is that this type of machine you can use multiple threads (the most common is to use between two and five) instead of a single bovine. It has a special format to use several cones, thus, the edges of the fabric will be more compact. In addition, by using more material, they are also machines that operate at higher speeds than conventional ones. We are talking about between 1000 and 9000 rpm.

Industrial sewing machinesSo perhaps they are less seen in homes, although we will see that they are also essential. Of course, they are not meant to replace the traditional sewing machines. We can simply say that they are a complement to the previous ones.

What is an overlocker for?

Alfa Overlocker

Now that we know that we can call them both Overlock machines and overlockers, we are going to know what they are really for. We have mentioned the finishing on the edges of the fabrics, well, we have, will be perfect for finishing professional seams.

However, they can also create some ruffles, making darning and of course, joining pieces of fabric with the decorative stitches. With them you will see how the seams will not unravel or fray no matter how much you wear the garment.

Threads for overlock

Threads for overlocker

What would we do without thread in the world of sewing? Well, without a doubt, hardly anything. It is the main detail to be able to fix any kind of fabric. Of course, we know that there are numerous varieties of threads, but it is always advisable to buy a quality one. In this way we save ourselves the displeasure of it breaking every now and then. In addition, the result of each garment that we fix will have a lot to do with this. That said, the threads for overlock come in the shape of a cone.

As we have already mentioned, depending on the machine, several cones of thread are needed. So it is an expense if we want to use several colors. You can find in stores like Amazon the varieties you need at a more than reasonable price. There are also specialized stores that offer intense colors and with great resistance, perfect for use in both lingerie and sportswear. Just make sure they are suitable for your type of overlocker.

You can buy here threads for overlock.

If you've come this far, it's because you're still not quite sure.

How much do you want to spend on your new sewing machine?


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