Patchwork Patterns

The patterns for Patchwork are essential to our work. Most of all because it is the design of our drawing. A way to capture the work we are going to do but with its measurements. Then, we will have to transfer the drawing to a template and from there, we will cut the pieces of fabric. But everything, step by step so you don't miss any detail.

How to make Patchwork patterns 

What do I need to make the patterns?

First of all, let's look at the materials you need to make your patterns.

  • Graph paper. In it we will have the perfect measures for a result in the same way. When we make the patterns on them, they will leave us with the perfect measurements in centimeters or millimeters. This means that we can always be sure that with them, we will always get a precise job done.
  • Pencil, eraser, ruler, scissors, and colorsIt goes without saying that to draw the lines, nothing like a sharp pencil. Of course, we must have an eraser next to us, so that if we make a mistake, we can correct it immediately. The colors will be for mark where the fabrics of the same colour will be placed or different colors. The ruler to make a more than perfect design and of course, we finish with the scissors to cut out the patterns.
  • White or acetate paper: It is the best ally to be able to trace the design you have made on the graph paper. To mark your design and make it look good, you can use permanent markers because acetate is a somewhat hard piece of paper.

Steps to make Patchwork patterns

We already have the main materials well organized. So, all that's left to do is to get down to work:

  1. First we place the graph paper on the table. We will draw on it, the design we have chosen.. Of course, it must always be as accurate as possible. Something that is not complicated since we remember that this paper is marked with measurements. The lines will be fine and perfect, so you can help yourself with a ruler. When you have the design on this paper, you can shade the areas where the fabrics of the same color will go. More than anything, to get an idea of the final design.
  2. Now it's time to place the acetate paper over the graph paper. You will trace each part of the design you have just traced. You can use permanent markers and a ruler to be even more precise.
  3. You will cut out the piece with a pair of scissors. But again, you have to make clean cuts. To do this, take it easy, because the rush in this case, are not good advisors. If you can use a template both upside down and right side up, great. If you see that it doesn't fit, then make a different template for each piece. To differentiate them, name them and write the one that goes right side up or upside down.
  4. Now it will be time to place the fabric scraps on the table. We place the molds of our pattern on them. We can trace the shape with the help of a pencil. Remember to always leave some margins that we will use when sewing.

Where to buy Patchwork patterns

In order to always have Patchwork patterns at hand, there is nothing like looking for them in different ways. In all those physical stores that have Patchwork fabrics as well as other accessories to complete this work, will also have patterns. So both in department stores and haberdasheries, you can find great designs. We can not forget that there are also magazines for this work. In them, in addition to the tricks they will also leave us some patterns: From the basic ones to the most original ones.

It is true that if you want more inspiration, you can also get it online. On Amazon you have a wide range to make everything you need. type of work. Whether for quilts or bedspreads, as well as cushions and other accessories. So if you want to give it the most original touch, perhaps it is on Amazon where the variety of templates will make your imagination soar.

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Free Pattern Gallery 

For quilts

Patchwork quilt pattern

The style that is usually seen in the quilts or 'quilts is the one marked by geometric shapes. Squares or hexagons are the protagonists. Starting from them, creativity will not put barriers to our work.

Quilt pattern

Pattern for quilt

Quilt pattern

For bags

In the bags we can also find the most varied prints. From the basic shapes to combine objects with nature, etc.

Denim bag pattern

Japanese bag pattern

For cushions

For the Patchwork cushions we can use different patterns. But the truth is that having a limited size, the most precise and floral figures are always the favorite. Although among them we can combine different colors and give the original touch to this decorative element and rest.

Patterns for cushions

Pattern for cushion

For armchairs

It is clear to us that the patchwork armchairs dress in many colours, but for the most part they are carried away by the simpler patterns or maybe the basics we all know. Which one are you going to start with.

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