Patchwork Quilts

One of the most original works that we can obtain thanks to the technique Patchwork are the quilts. She has many years behind her, so now it's time for us to get down to work to make her quilts. to be able to show off our own quiltsthat will always be unique and original. Both the double bed as juvenile or baby.

How to make Patchwork quilts step by step

What do I need to make Patchwork quilts?

Before moving on to how to make quiltsIf you want to make your own, the best thing to do is to start with the materials you are going to use. They are not complicated to find, since many of them we will have them at home and others, we will find them in any textile or haberdashery shop.

  • Fabric scraps: As we are going to make our own quilt, then we can add all of these fabric scraps we have at home. You can combine colors or prints, as long as they are to your liking. You can even make a combination of different types of fabrics such as sheets or pieces of denim.
  • We will also need fabric for the quilt lining, as well as for the quilt seams.
  • The filling is also important, so it must be taken into account as another of the basic elements.
  • Sewing machine, thread, pins and scissors are the remaining necessary elements. Do you have all of them?

How to make quilts step by step

  • It is necessary to cut the fabrics into squares. The size of these squares will be about 24 centimeters. So for a quilt of about 210 m, we will need about 120 squares of fabric. That is, we will be making a quilt for a large or double bed. But logically, you can always adapt it to the bed you want.
  • Once we have the fabric cut, it is always best to make a kind of sketch. This is to place these squares of fabric on the floor or any surface. This way, we will get an idea of the final result and we will adapt colors or patterns as we like.
  • We will take the entire top row of squares and sew them together. We will do the same with the following rows. As a result, we will be left with long strips. To continue with our Patchwork quilt, we'll have to finish sew the strips. Remember that as it is a quilt, it has to be resistant. So we will make strong seams.
  • You can cut some strips that will be sewn to the edges. They can have some 4 or 5 centimetres wide. You can also choose colours that contrast with the colours of the bedspread.
  • You need either a thin padding (which is as strong as felt, but thicker) or a wadding (which is thicker than felt).
  • If we already have the stitched quilt and fillingWe only need a fabric a little bigger than the quilt and that will serve as the other side of the quilt. We will join these three parts thanks to the pins. Of course, always leave a space for the seams. Also, in this case, you will have to leave a part of the quilt open to be able to turn it over.
  • Once we have turned the quilt over, we will have to sew the last part or side of the quilt. When you have the edges well stitchedyou'll be done with your great work.

If this is the first time you make a quilt, it's best to start with a simple and small one, for example, a baby quilt. Little by little, with practice, you will move on to larger ones.

Patchwork quilts gallery 

Modern and youthful

For teenagers' rooms, nothing like opting for a more modern Patchwork bedspreads and with youthful tones or drawings. In this way the work will always be welcomed by the youngest of the house. In addition, it will combine with the most original bedrooms.

All the patchwork quilts you will see below you can buy them here.

Patchwork quilt with hearts

Youth bedspread

Patchwork bedspread for youth room

Youth bedspreads

Children and baby

The baby quilts are smaller, softer and very padded, but they do not leave aside the colors or fun prints. In some cases, we can also add originality on our part. Because on the pieces of fabric, we can embroider the name of the child or the date of birth. While for children, you will find them in more colorful colors that will fill their rooms with light.

Patchwork quilt for babies

Quilt cradle

Printed quilt for baby crib


Patchwork bedspreads for weddings will have different sizes, according to your needs. The elegance and originality is also combined with floral prints and basic colors.

Patchwork bedspread for double bedroom

Quilt double bed

Modern Quilt Quilt

Patchwork bedspread blue

Bedspread for double bed

Where to buy Patchwork bedspreads 

If you want to buy the work already done, then you can do that too. Buy Patchwork bedspreads is easier than you might think. On the one hand, we have the online stores. Without a doubt, it is a great option for not having to bother going from one place to another. Sites like Amazon have a wide catalogue. Different colors and prints, for all sizes of bed, from the double bed to the youth and cribs.

In addition, the fashion stores that we all know, also have a part destined to decoration and home. In them, we will always find ideas like these. Because Patchwork quilts is also a great trend that will never go out of fashion. Finally, in textile shops and department stores, we can also find some variants of this type of work.

Buy - Patchwork bedspreads

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