Toyota sewing machines

*Notice: Toyota models have been discontinued.

Comparison of Toyota sewing machine models

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Although later we will see in more depth the characteristics of each model of toyota sewing machine, this comparative table will serve as a summary to know which is the one that best suits what we are looking for based on the price and its benefits.

sewing machine comparator

Toyota 34B Super Jeans
Toyota 34B Super Jeans Sewing Machine

It seems that thicker fabrics are safe with these types of Toyota sewing machines. The call Toyota 34B Super Jeans machine, already makes it clear just by mentioning his name. The fabrics will not be an impediment for her, quite the opposite. But it is that in addition, it has a total of 34 stitches. Something that will be perfect to be able to get the most out of other jobs.

That is why it is great for those who already have some basic notions within this subject. It has a wide view of the needles, as well as a fairly powerful motor.

Its price is around 190 euros and the you can buy here

Toyota SuperJ17 XL Allround

Toyota SuperJ17XL Allround Sewing Machine

More comfortable, more spacious and, of course, a good option not only for denim. Also the leather will be in good hands with her. The sewing machine Toyota SuperJ17 XL Allround It is a good incentive so that you can finish all your works made with several layers of fabric. A very professional finish, which allows you to enjoy 15 sewing programs. Do not forget that in this case we are facing a fairly powerful engine.

As we mentioned, it has a larger area to be able to see the needle perfectly. In addition, it will be able to sew with a thicker thread and help you with the pedal.

All this for a price of about 156 euros. If you are interested, you can buy Toyota SuperJ17XL sewing machine Toyota 34B Super Jeans Sewing Machine, Black

Toyota SuperJ15

Toyota SuperJ15

This is a semi-professional Toyota sewing machine. It will be a good investment, but we consider that only for some specific cases. In other words, it is a very resistant machine and it can handle more than 12 layers of fabric. So if you're thinking of fix all jeans style, it will be your best choice.

But on the other hand it falls a bit short. It has only 15 stitches, four of them are decorative and we cannot vary their length or width. In addition, the bobbins are not of the standard type. You can only use the official ones of this brand although you have to know that the Toyota SuperJ15 bring three, which will undoubtedly be more than enough.

Among the accessories you will also find several presser feet, the electronic pedal that cannot be missing, as well as two packages of special needles for jeans and another of the standard needles.

Its price is about 166 euros and you can meet her here

Toyota SuperJ26

Toyota SuperJ26

Again, we go to a machine designed to sew those thick fabrics, both denim and leather. But in this case, it will not only serve for that. but that their 26 stitches, will offer us many more possibilities. In addition, it already offers us a regulation of the length of the same, something that was not available in other models.

It has an extension table to make your work more comfortable. If we talk about facilities, among them we highlight the free arm and the light that is incorporated. Includes replacement needles for both thick fabrics and the most basic.

In this case, the Toyota SuperJ26 sewing machine is priced at around 184 euros and can be yours here.

Toyota SPB15

Toyota SPB15 sewing machine

In this case, we have Toyota SPB15 sewing machine. We can say that it has a high quality and that it is great for beginners. Although, it will also be key for others who are already a little more experienced. It has 15 types of stitches and it is very easy to use. If you have any questions, don't worry because on the same machine, you have a kind of visual summaries of everything that is most important and the steps to follow.

It has free arm and ergonomic design. It should be noted that the threading step is carried out very easily in this type of machine. You also have four types of decorative stitches, hem stitch and three straight stitches that here do have different lengths. Among the accessories we highlight two bobbins, both basic and buttonhole presser feet as well as for overcasting. We can not forget also the pedal.

The good thing about this machine is its irresistible price that barely exceeds 110 euros. If you are interested, you can buy here.

Toyota Oekaki 50G

Toyota Oekaki50g sewing machine

As a curiosity, it must be said that its design is inspired by Japanese drawings. With the Oekaki 50G sewing machine you can give free rein to your imagination. Without a doubt, it is one of the most complete machines we have.

It has 50 types of stitches and you can decide between these automatic or manual programs. When we talk about the Oekaki model, we also have to mention that it is a free seam finishing.

You can choose the width and length of the stitch, as well as the speed and everything you want. It is a semi-professional machine and in addition to all its functions, it comes equipped with endless accessories such as four bobbins, several presser feet and needles of different thicknesses.

Its price is around 410 euros and you can buy it here.

Toyota ECO15B Allround

Toyota ECO15B

If you want a very basic Toyota sewing machine, this will be yours. It has a total of 15 types of stitches. Straight stitch, zig-zag and decorative stitching. It is a fairly compact machine, so its use is also very simple. Due to this, we can say that he will be in charge of doing those small punctual jobs. Of course, if you are looking for something more professional, you have the previous models.

The steps to be able to thread are also integrated in the form of a drawing and it comes with accessories like its other companions.

All of the above can be yours for only 154 euros so hurry up and buy the Toyota ECO15B here.

Toyota ECO 26C

Toyota ECO26C

Count with one total of 26 stitches and automatic threader. It has about 15 standard stitches and 11 decorative stitches. The power is a little lower than what we are used to, since it only has 65W. Of course, it has light to facilitate the work area and a fairly comfortable and compact design. The length and width of each stitch is predetermined.

The price of this machine is about 189 euros and you can buy it here.

Is it easy to find spare parts for Toyota sewing machines?

It is true that sometimes we find that we need spare parts for the toyota sewing machines and we don't know where to turn. Perhaps they are not as affordable as other brands, but today it is really not difficult to find them.

Since you can go to any store dedicated to the repair of machines of this type and there you will find what you are looking for. But if you do not want to move from home, then you will resort to shopping giants like Amazon and in it, you will have a wide range of options.

So that with all of them, you can continue using your sewing machine for much longer.

How to choose a compatible needle for a Toyota sewing machine

It must be said that for all those who start in the world of sewing machines, it is best to always start with the universal needles, until you realize that you want to vary and adapt the fabrics to what you are learning. That is why there we will have to vary the needles. Because these have to caress the fabric and not damage it.

For this reason, it is always advisable to buy quality needles. Since for this purpose we make sure that the finishes are better and that they are more resistant. That is why there are so many brands on the market and that they can be compatible with your sewing machine Toyota. It is important to check the instructions of your machine because that is where a kind of table will come with all the necessary specifications regarding the needles.

On the other hand, you have to know that we have single, double and triple needles. This means that the first ones are the simplest, the double ones perform a little more specific tasks while the third ones are for decorative stitches. In addition to this, it is time to talk about thickness and size. They are always qualified with two numbers and the first of them is the one that corresponds to the European measurement, thus indicating the thickness that we are going to need. For example, the finest will be 60/8 while 120/120 will be the opposite and for really thick fabrics.

So, to start with, you can have several universal needles with rounded tip which are perfect for cotton or linen. Although always remember their numbers to know what type of fabrics to use with them: From 60 to 75 you can use them for blouses or muslin. While the 75 and 90 you can already do work on bedding or flannel. With higher numbers we are already talking about thicker fabrics such as jeans.

Where to download the manual for a Toyota sewing machine

If your Toyota sewing machine has not left you the manual in the accessories part, either  on paper or CD, then remember that you can also download it via the internet through the brand's official website, as usually happens in these cases, just by putting the model of it, surely several options will appear and in several languages , too.

Without forgetting that there are also different explanatory videos on YouTube depending on the model of the machine in question.

My opinion on Toyota sewing machines

One of the best points that Toyota sewing machines have is that they have purposes not only for beginners, but they go one step further. That is why they are known for being one of the most faster machines and they are not wrong. Without a doubt, it is something that attracts attention after having had other names at home. In addition to this speed and precision in their work, what I liked the most is the quality of their materials.

Without a doubt, it is a brand that is linked to quality and is reflected in their finishes and composition. Since we can find stainless steel as well as aluminum that complete each of the machines. Having been with one of them for more than 12 years, already gives enough ground to be able to ensure everything I just mentioned. Another point that we should not leave behind are its Prices, but in this case we should not raise our hands to our heads.

Since Toyota sewing machines offer us really fantastic prices, which will adapt to our needs and pockets. So with a basic one, like mine, you can  do the big  most jobs you have in mind. Being ergonomic, comfort will also be on your side and they are usually very simple and intuitive when used.

How much do you want to spend?

We help you find the best option for you


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  1. I have a TOYOTA ZIGLINE AUTO 22 machine, I need to find some spare parts for it... if anyone knows where I can find a warehouse or a representative house near Villavicencio, I would appreciate it...

    • Hello Pilar, in places like El Corte Inglés or Mediamarkt they usually have stock of the brand, but availability is also scarce.



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