Patchwork Armchair

How to upholster a Patchwork armchair

If you have a sofa or armchair that needs a facelift, here is a tutorial to reupholster it again with the colors and patterns you want, using the technique of the Patchwork.

Removing the old fabric

Before get upholsteredIf the fabric has been removed, it is advisable to remove the fabric from the armchair. Especially when it is one that is already old or somewhat worn. To do this, you can arm yourself with patience because it is not always a task that takes little time, but rather the opposite. We must go slowly to avoid damaging the structure of the chair or armchair.

Seat foam

If it is a piece of furniture with some wear and tear, perhaps the seat part will have to be replaced. To do this, we can a new base in the form of foam or padding if it is a sofa. In this way, the final result of our Patchwork chair or armchair is more than guaranteed. Among the fillings you can choose down or foam, among others.

Choosing the upholstery

It's time to get down to work with the fabrics. If we are talking about a Patchwork sofa, we will have no problem at this point. To do this, we need to make a scraps collection. Here we can choose the ones we like the most in terms of colors or prints. The armchairs or armchairs may require between two and three meters of fabric, while the chairs only one.

So, starting from this, we will have to make that amount of fabric. To do this, we will have to sew the scraps that we have cut into squares or rectangles. First we sew two by two and then we join by strips. Iron the back of the fabric, just at the seams, so that they will be molded. Little by little you will sew strip by strip until you get a complete piece of fabric for the armchair.

Fitting the upholstery

If we already have the fabric prepared and the stuffing in place, the only thing left to do is to complete the process. To do this, we will need an electric stapler. It will be her who secure the fabric to the seat. But not only that, but you must also pull the fabric taut. It's a good idea to ask for help to speed up this step: while one of you is pulling the fabric, the other is stapling! With the fabric taut, the result will be better. For the corners, fold the fabric inwards and that's it.

Parts of the chair

The armchair will be formed by its base, its backrest and its armrest. Well, another idea is to cover each of these parts with a different fabric. That is to say, instead of making a single fabric for the whole armchair, you can upholster it by parts and with different fabrics. This is up to each person's taste.

Always remember to use the old fabric. In this case, we will use it as pattern. Once we remove it, it will help us to measure the new fabric and to know how much we are going to need at the same time as the shape of it. That is why it is necessary to go little by little when removing the fabric from the old armchair. When you start upholstering, start with the last piece you have removed. We always use the reverse order. Because in this way, we ensure a better result.

When we have our Patchwork sofa, we must vacuuming once a week. Although if the fabric with which we have upholstered it is very delicate, then a feather duster will be more than enough. The question is to preserve it as much as we would like.

Patchwork armchairs gallery

Below you have an extensive gallery of patchwork armchairs and sofas for you to get ideas. All the ones you will see below you can buy them here so if you really like any of them, you can always choose to buy them already made and avoid the process of upholstering them.

  Patchwork wooden armchair

Round stool

Divan Stool

Cube stool

Checkered stool

Backless sofa

Armchair stool as foot of bed

Romantic patchwork armchair

Patchwork armchair

Colorful patchwork armchair

Patchwork armchair

Blue armchair

Patchwork armchair

French armchair

Relax chair

Plaid armchair

Armchair armchair

Patchwork chair

Patchwork cushion chair

Patchwork Puff


If you can't find any of the models we have shown you, leave us a comment and we will help you in your search.

Where to buy Patchwork armchairs


Upholster a small, individual armchair or chairs is not that complicated. But the truth is that for something bigger, it is best to have professionals. Even so, if you don't want to bother so much, there's nothing like buying ready-made Patchwork armchairs.

It's a perfect idea for decorate those corners of our home. On the one hand, you can find them in the vast majority of physical furniture stores. There will always be some options in different shades with which you can combine the rest of your decor. Because they are perfect furniture for the living room as well as for bedrooms or guest rooms.

It is also true that the online furniture stores allow us to enjoy new models. Both in armchairs and individual sofas or larger armchairs. A whole world of color and originality thanks to Patchwork style. But if you want to go for a fixed shot, also on Amazon you will have great ideas. Different models, sizes and styles but always with that original touch that gives the Patchwork.

Buy - Patchwork Armchairs

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