Singer sewing machines

The Singer sewing machines have a long tradition behind them. We can say that it is one of the oldest machines. After many twists and turns, it seems that Isaac Singer made it possible for a sewing machine to come to light, with great options.

Of course, little by little, the improvements became more and more noticeable. So what better way to buy them all than with Singer sewing machines. From mechanical to electronic, including embroidery machines.. Options for all tastes and all jobs, are you going to miss them?

Singer Mechanical Sewing Machines

Below you have a list of some of the models of mechanical Singer sewing machines Which one do you choose?

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Singer 1409 Promise -...
  • With automatic bobbin winder and stitch length selector
  • Vertical coil system with widths up to 5 mm
  • Automatic presser foot pressure adjustment and 2 needle positions
  • With zig zag width selector and manual thread tension regulator
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Singer 2282 Tradition -...
  • Portable mechanical free-arm machine with 32 utility, flexible and decorative stitches.
  • With automatic bobbin winder and stitch length selector
  • Vertical coil system with widths up to 5 mm
  • Automatic presser foot pressure adjustment and 2 needle positions
  • With one-step buttonholer and reverse lever
Singer 2259 Tradition -...
638 Reviews
Singer 2259 Tradition -...
  • Portable mechanical free-arm machine with 19 utility, flexible and decorative stitches.
  • With automatic bobbin winder and stitch length selector
  • Vertical coil system with widths up to 5 mm
  • Automatic presser foot pressure adjustment and 2 needle positions
  • With zig zag width selector and manual thread tension regulator
Singer Simple 3232 -...
1,234 Reviews
Singer Simple 3232 -...
  • Portable mechanical free-arm machine with 32 utility, flexible and decorative stitches.
  • With automatic bobbin winder and stitch length selector
  • Vertical coil system with widths up to 5 mm
  • Automatic presser foot pressure adjustment and 2 needle positions
  • It has a horizontal spool holder and manual thread tension regulator.
Singer 2250 Tradition -...
3,527 Reviews
Singer 2250 Tradition -...
  • Vertical coil system with widths up to 5 mm
  • Automatic presser foot pressure adjustment and 2 needle positions
  • With zig zag width selector and manual thread tension regulator
  • Amps: (0.6); Watts (72): Volts (120): Hz: (60)
  • Product dimensions: 38 x 17 x 28 cm

Singer Promise 1412

It's a machine too very easy to use. Quite handy, as well as easy to prepare to start with your favorite crafts. Without a doubt, basic for beginners and very economical so that money is not a problem. Get it here.

Singer tradition 2250

It is one of the Singer sewing machines that have more sales. It is for its quality-price ratio as well as for its simplicity. It is also designed for beginners, with functions that are few but that you will use, almost certainly.

If it fits your needs, you can buy the Singer Tradition 2250. herewill only cost you about 130 euros.

Singer tradition 2259

A machine that has very good ratings. With automatic winder and its internal structure is made of metal. In addition, it has a free arm and very simple stitch selection.

Its price is very economical and makes it irresistible so you can buy here.

Singer tradition 2263

High quality for a very easy use. It will be ideal for beginners who are starting in the sewing world. It has a couple of knobs from where you can select the type of stitch and the stitch length. Of course when you learn and want a little more, you will be a little short.

This sewing machine is quite economical and the 149 euros it costs make it very attractive. If you want it,  buy it here.

Singer tradition 2282

In addition to the housework, you can let your imagination run wild with this machine. It has 32 stitches, two needle positions, threader and automatic bobbin winder.

Do you want it? Buy it hereYou have it on offer at the link above.

Singer Heavy Duty 4423

A semi-professional machine but it will adapt to your domestic use. If you are one of those people who will give it a great use and you need it to be a resistant machine, then it is yours. It sews fast and has great power.

Semi-professional but perfect for getting the most out of your work. From more power to being able to handle all types of fabrics as well as seams.

This is a model of Singer sewing machine that you can use as a sewing machine.  buy here.

Singer Talent 3321

Again we return to the machines for those people who are somewhat beginners. But in this case, in addition to the basic qualities that it can offer you, it has other more important qualities to be able to advance in your work. It allows you to make a little more dense seams thanks to the adjustable zig-zag length.

The price of this Singer sewing machine is around 170 euros and you can buy it at buy here.

Singer Talent 3323

It has 23 stitches of which we can say that 6 are basic stitches, 12 are basic stitches and 12 are basic stitches. decorative and 4 elastic. It enters, for many, within the medium-high range. Very easy to use to achieve professional results.

If you liked this machine, its price is around 175€ and it can be yours here.

Singer Simple 3232

In this case we have 32 stitches. Of course, to give free rein to our creativity. Among them, there are flexible and decorative ones. Lateral thread cutter, as well as light and two needle positions, will make our works easier. 

Its price is 179 euros and you can buy here.

Singer Electronic Sewing Machines

Below you have a list of the Singer electronic sewing machine models best rated by users.

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Singer Starlet 6680 -...
219 Reviews
Singer Starlet 6680 -...
  • Electronics with 80 stitches: make everything you want, personalize and decorate your home and your clothes...
  • Great for more difficult fabrics: it has powerful taps for transporting more difficult fabrics....
  • Automatic threader for simple and fast threading.
  • Many stitches available: for embroidery, for buttonholes, for buttons, decorative stitches for...
  • SINGER quality guaranteed! The N.1 brand in the world of sewing machines.
Singer Sewing Machine,...
178 Opinions
Singer Sewing Machine,...
  • Electronic machine dedicated to quilting
  • 98 stitches
  • 6 1-time buttonholes
  • Automatic threader
  • Top loading of the faucet
Sewing Machine...
95 Reviews
Sewing Machine...
  • 80 different programs: 58 decorative stitches, 8 stretch stitches, 8 utility stitches, and...
  • With 8 presser feet. Variable needle position for precise sewing.
  • Includes a large set of accessories, electronic pedal and dust cover.
  • Sturdy aluminium frame. Plastic housing.
  • Dimensions: 42 x 33 x 21 cm, weight: 6.3 kg.
Sewing machine Singer...
5,261 Reviews
Sewing machine Singer...
  • All the features of the Singer Heavy Duty 4432 at a glance:32 integrated stitches: 6 stitches,...
With discount
Singer Sewing Machine...
275 Reviews
Singer Sewing Machine...
  • Portable mechanical free-arm machine with 60 stitch programs
  • With automatic winder and threader and LED light
  • Vertical coil system up to 6.5 mm widths
  • It has 4 types of buttonholes in one step and 12 needle positions.
  • With adjustable stitch length and width

sewing machine comparator

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960

With a total of 600 types of stitchesWith this sewing machine, we already know that we are in front of a sewing machine with which we will be able to give free rein to our imagination. It has memory functions and also, if you want a more comfortable work, nothing like opting for its extendable table. Mirror stitch button, as well as 24 needle positions and a lot of accessories complete a great selection like this one.

Considered by users as one of the best Singer sewing machines, you can be yours here for only about 503 euros.

Singer Quantum Stylist 9980

A 820 stitches, already indicate us again that we are in front of a great option, to make different works and all of them, with professional finishes. It also has a 13 presser feet. But that's not all, because we can't forget the five alphabets, as well as the automatic threader and thread cutter.

All of the above can be obtained for around 540 euros. If you are interested, buy it here.

Singer Quantum Stylist 9985 Touch

In this case we discover about 960 stitches. In addition, we will have the ease of having everything at a simple touch, thanks to the touch screen. It has a memory and easy operation. In addition, it also has 13 presser feet and automatic threader.

All of these features are welcome, although they do increase the price of the machine up to the 799 eurosbut it's really worth it if it's within your budget. If you want it, you can buy the Singer Quantum Stylish 9985 Touch machine. here.

Singer Patchwork 7285Q

An electronic machine, designed for all patchwork enthusiasts. Thanks to it you will be able to get the maximum performance both in patchwork and quilting. Of its 100 stitches, you can count 9 basic stitches and 15 specific stitches for these techniques. In addition, a total of 61 are the so-called decorative stitches.

All this for around 397 euros. Buy it now here.

Singer Confidence 7463

This Singer sewing machine has 30 stitches. The length and width of the stitches is 7 mm. It has a high quality, which makes it among the favorite electronic sewing machines. The seams will be reinforced and better finished..

The price of this machine is about 240 euros and if you liked its features, you can buy here.

Singer Curvy 8770

Very simple threading is what makes this sewing machine child's play. Three LED lamps as well as 225 stitch types and electrical control of double needle, they will make your works more than professional. The length of each stitch will be 4 mm and the width 7 mm.

The price of the Singer Curvy 8770 is around 429 euros and you can buy it at buy here.

Singer One

The electronic Singer One sewing machine, has an electronic 24 predefined stitches. In addition, automatic threading system, free arm and memory functions. . In this case, we're talking big words. Display, six buttonholes and alphabet. Not to mention the many accessories it comes with. You can take a look at the rest

Its price is discounted and you can buy here.

Singer Sewing Machines Embroidery Machines

Legacy SE 300

We are facing one of the Singer sewing and embroidery machines. It has 250 sewing stitches and 200 embroidery stitches. In addition you have 6 alphabet options and a USB embroidery transfer device. The placement of the frames is very simple.

To be able to work in the most comfortable wayThis embroidery machine has a larger area. This embroidery machine features a design inspired by the antique Singer sewing machines. It has two frames, as well as touch screen and 800 stitches per minute.

Its price is not cheap but it is on sale and if it is within your budget, you can buy it here.

Futura XL-580

This is a great machine for both sewing and embroidery. It has 215 stitches and 7 buttonholes in one time. In addition 250 embroideries and 20 fontsIf you make a mistake, you won't have a problem because all embroideries can be modified.

The electronic sewing machine Futura XL-420 will also be perfect for embroidery and for to make patchwork works. It features five monogram fonts, as well as speed control, alarms and yarn breakage sensors.

It costs 1,199 euros and you can buy it with total confidence. here

How to lubricate Singer sewing machine  How to Lubricate a Singer Sewing Machine

Every sewing machine needs good maintenance to last for many years. One of them is lubricating the Singer sewing machine. The indicated is to follow the instructions of the same and always use the multipurpose oil of the same brand.

The thing to always keep in mind before we start is that the machine is not plugged in. We take a small brush and remove any kind of dirt it may have. We have to be very careful where you pour the oil. The right side of the machine will not need it, that's why the liquid has to be away from the faucet.

One of the first drops of oil will fall on the upper left side of the machine. In this way, it will fall towards the needle area. On the needle bar, we can add another drop. It is not superfluous to remove the plate and also clean the drive teeth.

Once this is done, we fix the needle at the highest part and we dedicate ourselves to the bobbin case. We remove it and clean it. In this case, we can also apply a little oil on them, but it will always be a couple of drops and no more that we will apply with our fingers. Replace all the pieces and test it. Use a piece of cloth to check that no oil comes out or that it doesn't stain.

Which Singer sewing machine to buy

Singer 8280

Without doubt, it is the eternal question. We know that we are facing something very general. There are many models of Singer sewing machines and as such, also with their different prices. But before even thinking about it, you have to ask yourself a question. What will I use it for?. If you have a busy life, in which you only need a machine for basic tasks, then it is best to opt for a simple one with a price around €100. Thanks to it you can get started in the world of sewing but always with some limits.

On the other hand, if you need something more professional, then you can opt for machines like the Singer Heavy Duty in its different models or the Singer Talent 3232 within the mechanical ones. Of course, within the electronic ones, you also have great options such as the Singer Quantum. In these cases, the finishes are more professional, while you can do more heavy work and have different types of fabric.

Remember also that in your choice about the use of the machine, you have to be clear that the electronic machine always has a higher quality than the mechanical one. This is because they have a more precise motor and the stitches are controlled in a more concise way as well. The electronic ones usually have more stitch varieties as well as scalloping. Of course, with so many positive points, this type of machine tends to be a bit more expensive.

How to Thread Singer Sewing Machine

Although it may seem a bit complicated, it's not. Of course, with a bit of practice you'll be able to do it even with your eyes closed. Do you want to know how to thread a Singer sewing machine? Then don't miss this step-by-step.

How to use a Singer sewing machine

How to Thread Singer Sewing Machine

If you don't know how to use your new Singer sewing machine, the following video will help you:

Singer or Brother?

Singer Futura XL 420

We are facing two great rivals. Brother has also carved out a more than perfect niche for itself in the sector. It is said that both usually sell more than 70% of their products.. One of the Japanese companies that have been offering their best innovations for more than 100 years.

That is why it has come to be at the height of Singer. In this case, both have a quality-price ratio quite worthy of note. Of course, many users still stick with the Singer brand for being one of the great pioneers. Without a doubt, there are options for all tastes. Both have very affordable prices, with high quality machines and of course, with high durability.

Singer or Toyota? 

Singer Simple 3232

Sometimes we do not realize that we also the quality and performance of a sewing machine is not only in the brand name.. Care as well as use can define it quite a bit. Likewise, it will also depend on the model we have chosen.

It seems that many users complain a little of the latest Singer machines for their finishes not so resistant and opt as a second choice for the Toyota sewing machines. As a rule, when you buy a Singer, you are buying a long tradition as well as innovation. Whereas the Toyota machines stand out for their power as well as their resistance to quite thick fabrics - only you have the last word!

Singer sewing machine accessories

Singer Accessories

Another of the good points of a brand like Singer is that it has a wide range of accessories. It must be said that, as a rule, each of the machines already comes with accessories. The most prominent are usually the following:

  • Various presser feet (universal, for buttonholes or zippers)
  • Canillas
  • Reel holder
  • Needles
  • Screwdriver
  • Pedal (depending on model)
  • Coil covers and felts
  • Coils

If you still need any more, you can count on the official stores or other online stores like Amazon, where you will find all the necessary Singer accessories. as you can see here.

My opinion of Singer sewing machines

When we see a product that is backed by a long-established brand, then it gives us much more confidence. This is what happened when I went to buy my first sewing machine. It's true that there are several trusted brands, but when I saw it, I remembered the ones that were in my grandparents' house. That's why I opted for Singer and I have to say that it's one of the best purchases I've ever made.

First of all because, having a long tradition behind them, they always opt for new models, for improvements in them and for always adapting them to our needs. But all this, with a quality-price ratio that is quite incredible. Since in my case, I can enjoy a complete sewing machine and have paid much less than I really expected.

The materials and finishes are also very worthwhile. They are resistant, which indicates that they will be with me for a long time just like the ones of yesteryear. Its shape is ergonomic so that when it comes to working with it, everything is more comfortable and bearable. The impressive thing is its great results, especially its precision. The work is really finished professionally and the machine doesn't stop. At least during the 12 years I've had it, it hasn't given me any problems. For this reason, it is one of the best purchases I have ever made.

If you've come this far, it's because you're still not quite sure.

How much do you want to spend on your new sewing machine?


*Move the slider to change the price.

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