Patchwork Bags

Bags are another of the favorite handicrafts for the lovers of the PatchworkSo, here we are going to show you how and what you need to make your own bag. If you prefer to buy patchwork bags already made, you can do it here.

How to make Patchwork bags

If you want to have a new and original bag every day, here you have the best option. Patchwork bag making is one of those great ideas. Most of all because they are not complicated and in no time you will be able to wear the style of bag you like the most. From handbags to large bags, it's up to you!

  1. To begin to make the Patchwork bag, we need to select several fabrics. Coloured fabrics or different prints, or the ones we like the most. We must think about the model or design that we are going to elaborate. To get started in this technique, it is always best to choose to cut the fabric into squares or rectangles. For a medium bag, you will need about 48 rectangles of about 6 x 12 centimeters, approximately.
  2. You will join two pieces of fabric and sew them together along one of the edges. Then, we'll sew two more together to form strips of fabric. These strips will be the width of your bag.
  3. You will have to make two layers. That is to say, the front and back of the bag. So with five rows of fabric strips we will have enough for one side. This is always something approximate, because as we have indicated, it will depend on how wide and big is the bag in question. We will sew all the strips to finish one side and then the other.
  4. When we already have the two parts or sides of our bag, we will need a filling. We place the fabric over it and we take them to the sewing machine to make some stitching. So that the result is quilted. We will do the same on both sides of the bag. That is, the two pieces of fabric with two fillings.
  5. Now we need the lining of our bag. It is always advisable that it is a fabric that combines in color and that is smooth or with a simpler pattern to highlight. We can leave a couple of centimeters more, to sew the end on the fabric of our bag. So that it is a nice contrast.
  6. All that's left is sew the lining and on all sides except one, as it will be where we will turn the bag, to see the final result.
  7. Of course, you can also make some handles that match the lining or choose another fabric for it. Remember that these handles will also have some padding.

Here we leave you with another tutorial where you can see how to make a clutch bag:

DIY Bag Gallery

To give you more ideas, here are some ideas of bags and purses of all kinds to inspire you to put into practice what you learned in the previous step by step:

Padded bag with handles

Patchwork backpack

Patchwork bag

Patchwork handbag

Shopper bag

Diy bag

Original bag

Japanese bag

Patchwork handle bag


Patchwork Bag Patterns


Modern patchwork bag

When we talk about modern bagsWe are referring to all those that have the most current shapes and sizes. Although as we know, there are many that never really go out of fashion. On the one hand, we have those that have a long shoulder strap and lid. While on the other hand, the shopper style and bags are always a good choice for every day. Here you can get inspired by the ideas we show you.

Round handle bag

Shoulder bag


Fanny bag pattern

Cloth bag pattern


Denim bag pattern

If there is a fabric that never goes out of fashion, then we will talk about the denim or denim. For fashion has become essential but not only in the form of garments but also in terms of accessories. So, we will take advantage of the old trousers to be able to elaborate impressive creations. Do you feel like it?

Pattern for making a denim handbag

Patchwork denim bag

Lee Handbag

Denim bag



Japanese bag pattern

The Japanese handbags are simpler, often reversible and also comfortable to wear. That's why many of them look more like small backpacks. Because we need freedom in our hands and movements.

Japanese bag pattern

If you've come this far, it's because you're still not quite sure.

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